Jean Knight Pace


Jean Knight Pace is the co-author of the middle Grade novels, The Determiner, The Z’astra, and The Ethereal (the Determiner series), as well as the YA novels, Grey Stone, Grey Lore, and Grey Fall. Her other works include Hugging Death: Essays on Motherhood and Saying Goodbye, Four Seconds and Pulse: A Paramedic’s Walk Along the Lines of Life and Death.

She writes women’s fiction under the name J.E. Pace. Jean lives in Indiana with her husband, four children, seven ducks, and a cat.

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The Z'astra: The Determiners Book 2

Finding an ancient alien relic might save the world, but will it tear Henry and Lucy’s friendship apart?

Henry is on his last nerve. The Appalachian Trail isn’t exactly a picnic, at least not when you’re trying to hide and survive. Lucy is grumpy all the time. Keikiki won’t even let him try to get better with the language and Henry’s stuck doing the same exercises day in and day out. When what he really needs to do is master the language and find the Guide, undoing the disaster he set in motion at the White House. Otherwise, Earth is toast. You know, no biggie.

Which means that it’s not at all Henry’s fault when one night he sneaks out to practice the language. And possibly awakens an ancient power within an even more ancient mountain. But, hey, it’s cool. He’s the most powerful kid on earth, right?

And he knows if he just practices hard enough, long enough, desperately enough, that everything he’s done wrong will be made right. Never mind if he ignores his best friend, or puts his mentor in danger. Never mind if he pushes away the people he values, even if it hurts him more than he dares to admit.

After all, if he can just save the world, it will be worth it in the end.

Won’t it?

Join Henry and Lucy in the second book of The Determiner series!

The Ethereal: The Determiners Book 3

New Orleans is known for its ghosts. But Henry still doesn’t expect an old enemy to pop up as he’s trying to find an ancient book. And while it’s not surprising when that person tries to kill him, it gets a little confusing when they save him as he’s escaping from the Six.

Now Henry and Lucy have some unwanted cargo as they sail to London, racing against the Six in their hunt for the first piece of the clasp.

If they can find and assemble all four pieces, they can save the world. Without the first, they’re dead in the water. Maybe even literally.

It’s a dangerous game when they’re still not certain if the shadowy figure is friend or foe.

And knowing who to trust is half the battle.

Knowing when to trust them is the other half.