Virtual Visits

At this time, we are offering three types of virtual visits, which are described below.

  1. 30-minute Author Visits

One or two authors will visit a class virtually using Zoom. The purpose of these visits is to introduce ourselves, to share information about our books, to answer students’ questions, and to read brief excerpts from some of the books if time permits.

  1. After-School Book Club or Reading Workshop

Some of our authors would enjoy the opportunity to work with teachers or librarians in charge of extracurricular book clubs. We would discuss the club’s reading list with someone in advance and make an effort to select books in accordance with the school’s needs or requirements. For example, we could recommend books related to a specific theme, such as disability awareness, or books related to monthly celebrations, such as National Hispanic Heritage Month in September/October, Black History Month in February, Women’s History Month in March, and National Poetry Month in April. Should the person in charge of the club prefer a broad mix of books, we could also recommend books to meet that need.

In addition, we could work with the person in charge of the club to set up group reading opportunities. In this case, we would anticipate that a number of our authors’ books would be purchased in accordance with the number of students participating at that time. For instance, if 20 students participate, four copies of five different books (print copies or ebooks) could be purchased and shared. A group of four students would read and discuss the same book. About one month later, students could rotate and read a different book. There could be paired reading, silent reading, and informal discussions of the books within the groups. Also, one or more authors would join the students virtually on some afternoons. Students and/or authors could read aloud and comment on what is being read. Finally, the authors would propose a group project after each book is read.

  1. Week-long Project-based Workshops

One or more authors will visit your school virtually during the week. Sessions will be approximately 40-60 minutes. The number of visits will be determined by the school’s needs as well as the availability of the authors. Teachers will select one or two workshops for all participating students from among three choices. The choices are as follows:

A. Calling all playwrights!

Working in groups, students will write a skit or a one-act play. They will create an original scene or adapt a scene from a book. Visiting authors will work with teachers to conduct minilessons to help students get started. By the end of the week, students will perform their scenes for an audience of students, teachers, and authors.

B. Once upon a time….

Working in groups, students will create an additional scene or an alternate ending for a fairy tale or story for the purpose of improving or modernizing that work. Visiting authors will conduct minilessons with teachers to help students achieve this goal. Students will share their stories with peers, teachers, and authors at the end of the week.

C. Calling all authors and illustrators!

Visiting authors will work with teachers to conduct minilessons and help students brainstorm ideas leading to the creation of original fiction or nonfiction children’s picture books. Students will work in groups to begin writing and illustrating their books. Projects will be well underway within a week and shared with peers, teachers, and authors.

Please understand that our authors are volunteers at this time, and that offerings will vary depending on the school’s needs and the availability of the authors.

Thank you for considering our proposal. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our virtual visits. We look forward to working with you to ensure this experience meets your students’ academic needs.

Best Regards,

Author Reader Connection