Martha Ward Plunk


Martha Plunk Ward grew up in the Texas panhandle where she was blessed with several teachers who encouraged her writing.  She published her first middle grade story, Young Guinevere, and her first picture book, Santa’s Unknown Helper in her early twenties (both out of print) and then concentrated on college, work, and family. She taught high school English in public school and all subjects as a home-school teacher.  When that blessed event, known by parents as the Totally Empty Nest, finally occurred, she began writing again. She most enjoys writing middle grade fiction for elementary school age children. “Their enthusiasm is second to none!” 

She now lives on a farm outside Dallas with her husband, a shih tzu, and blue Russian cat. Other than writing, her favorite activities are drawing comics, woodworking, quilting, and of course, reading. Her favorite times are when she is snuggled in a quilt with some Earl Grey tea and a favorite book. It’s not unusual to find her on the tractor either. She does live on a farm after all

Squirrels versus the Librarian: Dunlap Was Here Book 1

This is the heart-warming and often hilarious story about the meaning of friendship, the challenges of growing up, and two lovable squirrels.

Dunlap the Squirrel is an adventurous squirrel whose curiosity often lands him in trouble.  His life changes the day he is captured by animal control – while breaking a rule, of course.

During the frightening drive to the animal shelter, Dunlap manages to escape, only to find himself lost and alone in an unfamiliar town. He soon learns that the world is a dangerous place for a young squirrel who hasn’t bothered to learn the rules of survival.  It becomes a little less dangerous with the help of new friends, Flip and Gramps.

After a terrifying adventure that lands Dunlap inside the local library, he is determined to make it his new home. The local librarian is equally determined to get rid of him. When he meets Sue Ann face to face, Dunlap discovers that he has a unique ability, but one that could also threaten his freedom. 

Join Dunlap and Flip on this adventure filled with danger, friendship, and the courage of a young squirrel determined to find his place in the world.