AnneMarie Mazotti Gouveia


AnneMarie is the award-winning author of Drifters Realm and Mirror Tree. Each book received the Literary Titan Gold Book Award, Story Monsters Seal of Approval, and The Golden Wizard Book Prize. Drifters Realm also received the 2024 Feathered Quill Book Awards Finalist. AnneMarie is currently working on the third book in the Drifters Realm series. 

AnneMarie was born and raised in California. She has a vivid imagination and loves writing magical adventure stories that take place in strange lands. She grew up with a library card in her pocket and a stack of books on her desk.

She is passionate about reading, art, and family; the youngest of seven children, a mother of four children, and a grandmother. She’s traveled through Europe, and has lived in Germany, Washington, and Kansas. A former high-tech executive with a Bachelor of Science Information Technology degree, she is a geek at heart who enjoys mentoring others, and trips to Disneyland.  

AnneMarie lives in Northern California with her husband and two mischievous cats, Rocky and Prancer. She is a member of SBCWI and Mt. Diablo CWC.


Life Giver Roe, Sorcerer Ori, and Tamer Theo are three siblings with ancient backpack powers living in a mystical world. Together with their friends, they travel through forests, deserts, caves, and swamps in order to fight against the Guardians, a Storm Catcher named Tora, and her father, First City Leader Quinlan, in a battle between good and evil. The outcome of this conflict will have significant consequences for their world’s future.

In Drifters Realm, twelve-year-old twins Ori and Roe, along with their older brother Theo, set out on a perilous journey in search of the truth about their father and the threat posed by the Menace to their way of life. As they journey, they must decide whether to fight against each other using their powers or to join forces in order to stop Quinlan and his daughter, Tora, who seek to destroy their peaceful existence.

Along the way, they encounter conflict, twists and turns, and complex characters, both heroes and villains. With the help of their unique backpack magic, transforming into a lion, or following a glowing ring to a magical blue pool under the stars is possible. In Drifters Realm, AnneMarie Mazotti Gouveia tells a compelling story of survival and the power of friendship and family.


Life Giver Roe, Sorcerer Ori, Tamer Theo, and Storm Catcher Tora, four estranged siblings with magical backpacks, race against time to solve an age-old prophecy foretelling an uprising and war. Along their daring journey, they discover a locked box, encounter the Ghost of Ruin, and unearth family secrets that hold clues to locating the elusive Shadow Stone and Mirror Tree—critical elements in saving their mystical world, Drifters Realm.

In Mirror Tree, book two of the Drifters Realm fantasy adventure series, twelve-year-old triplets Ori, Roe, and Tora, along with their older brother Theo, must trust their unpredictable magic and each other. Together, they attempt to stop the Guardians, whose supernatural powers are controlled by their uncle, First City Leader Zane. He is determined to steal Ori’s Sorcerer Obligation and impose his oppressive rule beyond their realm.

As peril intensifies, the lines between right and wrong blur and the siblings fight to stay one step ahead of danger. They traverse through forests, deserts, caves, and swamps with the assistance of Ori and Roe’s ancient rings, their friends, and the outcast teenagers known as the Menace. In Mirror Tree, AnneMarie Mazotti Gouveia continues the compelling story of survival and the power of friendship and family.