Carla Kessler


Carla Kessler’s author journey began in elementary school, where she immersed herself in the world of her beloved fantasy characters—those heroic figures destined to save the world. From there, she transitioned to actively participating in civil rights protests during her high school years. She discovered her true source of empowerment as a teacher, nurturing the minds of the next generation through the transformative mediums of music and writing.

A cellist, passionate gardener, and writer, Carla aspires to ignite the same fervor in those embarking on a similar journey. Dive into the enchanting tale of Terracolina, the first of the Terracolina Series, where fanciful creatures and vibrant plants empower a young Thomas to create a meaningful impact in his real world.

Carla collaborated with her husband, Richard, in crafting the illustrations. While their musical partnership was well-established, venturing into the realm of illustration marked a novel undertaking for them both. Richard’s vibrant artwork enhances the enchanting essence of Terracolina.

Terracolina: A Place to Belong

“…incredibly vivid and magical.”

In a world teetering on the brink of ruin, 12-year-old Thomas Smithers discovers a magical garden through a perilous portal.

Mourning the loss of his grandpa, he yearns to share this enchanted place with his cherished mentor. Instead, he finds purpose through the discovery of a note with plans to save their favorite forest from a destructive parasite.

When the mystical realm is also attacked, he is summoned to play a key role, and wonders if it was all part of Grandpa’s design.

But can he preserve both worlds?

The riveting first entry in The Terracolina Trilogy’s middle-grade magical realism series features talking plants, a telepathic gardener, and a nymph-girl who speaks in rhymes. Thomas’s sense of wonder and adventure will inspire young readers, and offer a nature lover’s “place to belong—soothing and enchanting.”

Esperando: Chasing Hope


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