Feather Chelle

Feather Chelle

Award-winning author Feather Chelle is a single mother living in Texas with her children and two grandpuppies, who are the center of her universe. She is totally blind due to a battle with Retinoblastoma, a cancer that both of her daughters also survived. As a result, part of the proceeds from her books go to several charities that aid families of children with terminal illnesses (see below).

Her first trip to Galveston, Texas, at the age of five began a lifelong love of and respect for the sea and all its inhabitants. Since then, Chelle has devoured every article, book, and documentary about marine life, and her first published book showcases just a few of these magnificent creatures.

Her goal is to create fun and engaging books that portray an array of diverse characters who just happen to be undercover educators. Feather is the recipient of the Book Excellence, Pinnacle Achievement, Story Monsters, and the Mom’s Choice awards and was a finalist in the Wishing Shelf and American Book Fest contests.

Stranded: The Cetecea Chronicles Vol. 1

Whales and dolphins are falling ill all throughout the Atlantic Ocean!

Cherish and her family of Pilot Whales have been fleeing as far from other animals as possible, but some of them have begun to show symptoms.

When danger closes in from all around them, will the Dolphin Riders make it in time to save the day?

Gold Award Recipient of the 2021 Mom’s Choice Awards.

Whispers: Extraordinary Book 1


Have you ever overheard whispers about yourself? Imagine if you had learned to depend on your ears and could hear even better than the average person. To begin her series about extraordinary preteens overcoming a variety of challenges, the author shares what it was like coming of age as a totally blind student in West Texas.

For Amber, there almost seems to be a contest at her middle school as to who can be the meanest to her. She has to endure humiliation in the school cafeteria, in choir class, at a school dance, at the mall, and even at a family gathering. And always, there are the relentless whispers.

At long last, after meeting other blind kids and then setting a new and better academic course for herself, Amber—who has renamed herself Cheyenne—finds her way to a much happier environment, one in which she can grow and thrive.

Story Monster approved! Winner of the Pinnacle Achievement and Book Excellence awards! Finalist in the American Book Fest and Wishing Shelf awards!