About Us

What we do

We connect parents and educators with authors who are passionate about writing books for children. Our goal as authors is to inspire a lifelong love of reading and writing by sharing our passion for books and
storytelling. We aim to encourage creativity, imagination, and critical thinking skills through virtual author visits, workshops, and book clubs. For more information about what we offer schools and educators, please visit our Virtual Visits page. We think you will like what you see!

Who we are

Author Reader Connection is a community of dedicated youth authors who are passionate about reading. Our author’s books are educational, humorous, inclusive, and wholesome. They spark the imagination and encourage reading by drawing readers into the stories. Our author community is a blend of schoolteachers retired and still teaching, and other professionals from various industries who love sharing their passion for learning and literature. To learn more about our authors, please visit our Authors page to read our bios and see our books.